Kapperman Post 44


2023-2024 Post Officers


                       Commander                          Mike Gallamore (commander@kapperman44.org)

                   1st Vice Commander            Jim Bryan (1stvice@kapperman44.org)

                   2nd Vice Commander           Chris Hile (2ndvice@kapperman44.org

                   Adjutant                                Damien Miles  (adjutant@kapperman44.org)

                   Finance Officer                     Dave Noble (financeofficer@kapperman44.org)

                   Sergeant-at-Arms                 Gene Tenbarge (sgtatarms@kapperman44.org)

                   Historian                               Buckey Honakerhistorian@kapperman44.org)                                

                   Service Officer                      Gary Wilcher (serviceofficer@kapperman44.org)

                   Chaplain                                Joe McBride(chaplain@kapperman44.org)

                       Past Commander                  John Branson 

                   Judge Advocate                    Steve Kissinger 


                            Executive Board at Large                                          

                           Walt Kalesia       Mike Staup

                           Chris McBride

 Click on the following link to view a summary of each officers job description.  A full description can be viewed in the Post Officers Guide

Officers Duties Summary 




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