Kapperman Post 44




Henry Kapperman Post 44 was organized in late 1919 and received their charter in 1920.  They first met in the old Masonic Building on State Street, but with only 24 charter members and dues $1.50 per year, they found they couldn't afford to pay rent, so Dr. Muntz offered them his office, located above the Newburgh State Bank at State and Jennings Streets for a meeting place.  Later they moved to the basement of the building and continued to meet there for around seven years.

Near 1935 they purchased their present building.  It had been erected by Eugene G. Sargeant, owner of Sargeant Coal Co., at the intersection of State Street and Sharon Road.  The purchase price was $1200.00.  The building had played a major role in the industrial history of Newburgh.  The Sargeant Coal Co. was established in 1897, Incorporated in 1907, and the present building erected in 1920.  It served as an engine room and housed the old shower house before Mr. Sargeant built the new one.

Eugene Sargeant was well known as a progressive leader and supporter of the town.  The property adjoining the Legion, now known as Bootz Hill, was the Sargeant home.  Five generations of the family have lived there.

Around 1931, a fire at the mine destroyed all the other buildings that were constructed of wood and the present brick building was the only one left standing.  In 1970, a 24 by 60 ft. addition was built on the east side of the original structure.  It is used as a meeting room and for social events at the Legion.

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